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Terrace Supply Co has been supplying the Chicago land area with Welding supplies since 1947. We offer competitive prices, fast and reliable delivery options, and exceptional customer service. Whether intended for commercial, industrial, or personal use, we’ll make sure you receive the very products to suit your needs.


The Leading Industrial Gas and Welding Supplier in Chicago land area

Terrace Supply Company began in 1947 as Elmhurst Welding Supply when James A. Myers began selling compressed gases and welding supplies out of his house in Elmhurst, Illinois. He and his wife Gertrude moved into a small storefront in 1949, and with the expanding business came the need for a counterman


– and Ric Lichtenheld was hired for the position!

In 1953, the business moved into a larger store in Villa Park, and the name changed to Terrace Supply Company – “Terrace” was the phone exchange at the time! In 1960, a second location in Mount Prospect was opened, and in 1962, J. Frank Benuska was hired to drive a truck for Terrace. Frank served as a driver, paint mixer, counterman, salesman, store manager, and Vice President of Operations before his retirement in 2007!


Ric purchased the business from Jim in 1965 and became its second president. His wife, Greta, followed in her mother’s footsteps and served as bookkeeper, Secretary, and Treasurer! Ric hired Jim’s son, Walt

Myers, around this time to help with sales and the technical aspects of the business.

In 1977, Terrace Supply Company built the current 18,000 square foot Villa Park showroom, gas fill plant, and warehouse, and Walt Myers took over as the third President of the company.


One year later, Ric’s son, Gary Lichtenheld, joined the Terrace team in Sales and Management.

Over the next 10 years, the customer base continued to grow and the need for a third location became apparent. The Schaumburg store opened in 1989, and in 1996, the smaller Mount Prospect location moved to a building in Wheeling. Wheeling location was close 2018. 2013 our Schaumburg location was moved to our current store and fill plant in Itasca.


In 1997, Gary Lichtenheld became Terrace Supply Company’s fourth and current President. His son, Steve Lichtenheld, joined the company in 2006 in Sales, And is now the Vice President. Brad Lichtenheld joined Terrace in 2009 in sales. And is now Vice president of Sales