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Combination FR Cotton torso and DualTec FR sleeves.





Sleeves - DualTec FR

  • 9 oz. blended Twaron®/Lenzing FR® fabric
  • 40% Twaron® for strength, high thermal capability and cut resistance
  • 60% Lenzing FR® for flame resistance, comfort and moisture management
  • Meets NFPA Category 2 ARC resistance
  • Added durability with near “leather like” performance but lighter and cooler
  • Meets cut resistance standard EN388 Level 2
  • Twaron®/Lenzing FR® fabric is permanently flame retardant



Body - Westex® FR7A®

  • Proven 9 oz., black, 100% cotton, Westex® FR7A® cool and comfortable fabric
  • Designed to self extinguish
  • Will not shrink, melt, or drip molten residues
  • Flame retardant and washable up to 50 home or 25 commercial washings
  • Spacious inside pocket for small item storage
  • Anodized button snaps to prevent arc flashback 



Designed for light duty welding only. Must keep clean to insure protection.


SKU: 97302XL
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