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ER5554 - filler metal is the most common aluminum/magnesium alloy for welding 5454 base metal where sustained elevated temperatures above 150 degrees F are experienced. Features/Benefits: - Moderate strength (33 ksi typical) - Most common 5xxx filler alloy for welding 5454 base material in elevated temperature applications - Higher ductility/formability - Higher column strength/better feedability - Good color match after anodizing with 5xxx/6xxx base materials - Higher hot cracking sensitivity in some applications


ER5356 -  is a general-purpose type aluminum alloy which is typically chosen for its relatively high shear strength.  In addition, it also offers excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to salt water.  ER5356 should be considered for welding 5000 series aluminum base metals.


Typical Applications:  welding filler wire


AWS Class: ER 5356

Certification:  AWS A5.10/ A5.10M:1999

Alloy:  ER5356



ER4043  is a general purpose type aluminum welding wire.  It is one of the oldest and most widely used welding and brazing alloys.  This aluminum alloy contains silicon additives, which result in improved fluidity (wetting action) of the weld pool and also produces a weld less sensitive to cracking.  Its bright weld finish makes it a popular choice of welders.  ER4043 can be used to weld various grades of aluminum.   Typical Applications:  welding filler wire; spray and flame metalizing wire

AWS Class: ER4043

Certification:  AWS A5.10/ A5.10M:1999

Alloy:  ER4043



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