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A powerful, heavy-duty wire feed welder that delivers professional results with superior arc quality. Runs on 240V input power, welds up to 1/2 in. mild steel, and is spool gun ready for aluminum.



  • 15 ft. 200-amp MIG Welding gun
  • Regulator/flow gauge
  • 5 ft. gas hose
  • Primary input cable with plug
  • Dual-groove drive roll - .030/.035 in.
  • 10 ft. work cable with clamp
  • .030 and .035 contact tips
  • Built-in running gear/cylinder rack
  • Weld, set-up and parts information chart
  • Spoolrunner 200



    Infinite wire feed control

    Allows you to precisely adjust penetration and weld bead shape.


    Spool gun ready

    Easy setup for welding aluminum with no additional interface.


    Run in Technology

    Experience smooth, spatter-free starts. The run-in feature automatically slows the wire feed speed to a pre-set speed prior to arc initiation, improving arc starts.


    Reversible drive rolls:

    two grooves for two wire sizes on one drive roll

    Decreases your amount of spare parts, changeover time, and overall costs. 50% less stocking, one-piece drive roll.


    Spool hub assembly accommodates 4", 8" or 12" spools

    Offers you flexibility to use small or large spools of wire to better suit your welding needs.


    Hinged feeder panel

    Increases your productivity and is more appealing. Gives you more access to wire feeder panel for spool and feed roll changes.



    Fan only operates when needed reducing noise and power consumption.


    Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty

    Five-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers and main rectifiers; three years on generators, PC boards and drive systems; and one year on guns (MIG, Plasma and TIG torches).


      HOBART IronMan™ 240 MIG Welder with SpoolRunner™ 200

      SKU: 500574001
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