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Miller® Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ Air/Nitrogen Plasma Cutter Welder Machine with 1/4" maximum cutting thickness has 120 - 240 V input voltage 1 gouge shield 1 extended tip 1 standard tip 1 gouge tip and 1 deflector. Plasma cutter welder with hand-held torch has 12' cable and includes 10' MVP™ power cord MVP™ plugs 5-15P and 6-50P. It also contains consumables box with 2 electrodes 2 tips deflector air fitting and shoulder strap. Versatile plasma cutter welder with auto-line renders state-of-the-art flexibility while automatically connecting to 115 - 240 VAC single-phase power 50/60 Hz. X-CASE™ Carry case renders ultimate protection during transport and storage. The flexible cable eliminates operator fatigue while the ergonomic handle makes maneuvering easier. Cutter employs MVP™ that offers the choice of plugging into either 115 or 240 V power. Plasma cutter features automatic air regulation to automatically compensate input pressure variation to deliver constant recommended torch pressure for maximum cutting performance. LED indicators are included to show pressure power cup and temperature that help in faster troubleshooting to terminate unnecessary downtime. Auto-Refire™ technology is employed that automatically controls the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal to render superior customer convenience. The need for manual re-triggering is eliminated that minimizes user hand fatigue.

Spectrum®375 X-TREME™ Plasma Cutter

SKU: 907-529
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