Rod Guard® Cannisters & Accessories provide great storage and inventory control for all your welding electrodes, rods and filler metals. And every one of them is made in America - and built to last.
Each Rod Guard® Cannister is certified chloride-free and features a threaded cap with long-lasting neoprene seal to keep electrodes airtight - preventing them from being contaminated with atmospheric moisture.
Because Rod Guard® Cannisters are constructed of high-impact polyethylene - which protect electrodes from damage - they can be reused for many years.
Specifically designed for 36" flux-coated bronze or brazing rod and tig filler-metals. Has .100" nominal wall thickness for added strength and durability. When long cap is removed, rod tips are exposed - allowing easy accessibility to cannister's contents.
Built with the same commitment to quality as the original Rod Guard - with the form, fit and function you've come to expect. In stock in blue, red, black, yellow and green. Purple and orange available by special order (12 minimum)


Blue Demon®  are not made in the USA and come with an identification key tag on the top of each holder.