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Finish that long pass without getting burned!

What do you do when you are almost finished with the best bead of your life and your knuckle is begging you to quit?

Do you hang in there and get burned?

Well, I have plenty of scars to prove I hung in there too long.  Sometimes, I get burned, but sometimes I bail out and then the bead is not quite as pretty.

You don't have to  sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld!

The Tig Finger® has become a welding industry standard, allowing welders to slide smoothly along hot metal, 

It's like having a prop in your pocket! And trust me... It's durable...You'll most likely lose it before you wear it out.


Already own a Tig Finger®?

Try the Tig Finger® XL!

Hey this is Jody with a word about my new Tig Finger® XL .

the main thing is....

Its bigger and its thicker and most welders can fit 2 fingers in it.

The XL is not meant to be a replacement for the standard model, but it does work well for certain welding positions. It also has the ability to protect 2 fingers at once, which can at times be a significant advantage.

I like to put in on my middle 2 fingers and then wrap my pinky and index finger behind it so all fingers are shielded.

Or, hey... Maybe you've just got Hulk Hands.

Whatever your work day brings, whether its free handing boiler tubes, welding on a big preheated casting, or a build up job on a shaft journal, the Tig Finger® XL will flat out make the job go better.

No matter what comes along, you will have a prop in your pocket.

Remember, a steady hand welds better and its hard to have a steady hand when your knuckles are screaming.


Don't buy into imitations. Trust the original Tig Finger Heat Shield®.

**Tig Finger® Heat Shield is 100% Asbestos free and 100% Awesome, hand-made right here in the USA.




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