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EASILY REMOVE CONTAMINANTS AND HEAT TINT OFF STAINLESS STEEL WELDS. When it comes to weld cleaning, SURFOX 304 MIG & TIG is the fastest and safest solution to clean contaminants and heat tint off stainless steel welds. The Miller® SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ Wire Feeder with Bernard® S-Gun™ (small curved handle) is a voltage sensing MIG wire feeder that has full remote voltage and amperage control without the use of a remote control cable. The secret to this technology is built-in circuitry in both the 12VS ArcReach feeder and Miller ArcReach welder that passes remote control signals through the welding leads, eliminating the need for costly remote control cables. ArcReach remote control distance is limited only by the length of your welding cable leads. ArcReach allows your MIG or Flux-Cored welding operation to take place further away from the welding power source and reduces downtime and costs by giving the operator full remote voltage AND amperage control capabilities at the site of the weld without using expensive remote control cables. The Suitcase X-TREME 12VS ArcReach MUST be paired with a Miller ArcReach welder to get the full benefits of this feature.

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